Blind Girls See

"See with your heart and soul.  Be Here.”    – Nysha Charlene 

Heart 2 Heart


During the month of November I participated in a yoga challenge themed ‘Gratitude’. For each day in November I posted a picture on Instagram and told the world what I am grateful for.

First, I want everyone reading this to know that you are not alone if you’ve ever felt like your life is as hard as it could possibly get. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes. I was feeling that way months ago when I accepted the fact that I could not be a part of my dental school class. What happens next is you overcome your hardships. You adopt a positive attitude, you find joy in what you have, you find hope in what is to come and you trust in God. The fact is that you will make it through your trial each and every time.


As for me, the holidays were a bit rough. I had an experience that hurt me more than finding out I have Stargardt’s and losing my dream of becoming a dentist. I’ll admit, I thought my life was as hard as it could possibly get with each unforeseen hardshiop. But each time I was able to pick myself up, hold on to my joy and keep dreaming. So yeah, it’s a new fight once again. But guess who’s been fighting, who’s undefeated, who’s invincible? WE ARE! From this point on I am not inviting a single thought into my mind about whether or not my life is as hard as it can get. We are on this journey together so that means you too! I’m feeling like my life is pretty sweet!

I know there are 30 days in November but I only made about 25 posts about what I’m grateful for. I’m not perfect. I made the mistake of allowing what I was experiencing to stop me from doing something I was passionate about. I’m also passionate about this web blog and I let my hardship make me feel to busy to post. Shame on me because I am not a quitter; I am an overcomer. I’m sharing what I posted in November on Blind Girls See to make up for my mistake of not finishing the last few days of the yoga challenge. Once again, it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Rain makes things grown so cry if you need to but never stay sad for long. You can ALWAYS pick yourself up and be happy. I love you all! Thank you for your feedback. I’ve made lots of friendships through this blog and they are all positive relationships.