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My Internship Experience

Thank you to everyone who participated in building the content of my previous post about careers! I was so inspired by what each of you does for a living. I want to share with you how my first week of the internship went. In this vlog I talk about each day of being a human resources intern with low vision. I hope you explore new things and chase your dreams everyday! This journey can be quite a rollercoaster but when you drop low you have to find the strength to pick yourself up. Do not be afraid. Enjoy the ride!

As I promised in the video, here’s a little something about Friday’s experience:

Today was awesome! One reason being that I wore jeans to work and another reason being that I had the opportunity to learn about the process of being and preparing for an audit. It gave my filing tasks a sense of purpose. I really enjoy working towards a goal rather than just getting tasks done at random. And of course, Happy Hour is always a great time! Oh Friday!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Laozi

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