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"See with your heart and soul.  Be Here.”    – Nysha Charlene 

The Rachael Ray Show

Here is the video from the show! This post is for those of you who missed the show or may have wanted to see it again. I read all the wonderful comments that you left under my previous blog posts after the show aired. Thank you so much for being so positive with me and also having such a great outlook on life! 100% of the comments and emails I received were positive and uplifting. I love that!

There were a few things from the show that I would like to clarify:

I began to lose my vision at the age of 19 (I am now 24 years old).

I thought I needed eyeglasses until I was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease at the age of 21.

I am losing my central vision SLOWLY.

I have NOT been legally blind for 5 years. I was declared legally blind in 2014.

My current vision as of March 2015 is 20/400.

It is very difficult for me to see facial expressions but if the conditions are ideal I can pick it up in my peripheral vision.

The photo that was used to represent my vision was great,

The eSight glasses really helped me to see my sister’s face! I will be able to give more feedback once I get a pair and try them for a longer period of time and in different settings.

The Rachael Ray Show did not offer to help me obtain the eyewear from the show.

The eSight company is getting a pair of the glasses made for me to keep!

That’s all friends!


“Even when you get to your lowest point you have to find the strength to pick yourself back up, and the courage to enjoy the ride.” – Nysha Charlene

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