Blind Girls See

"See with your heart and soul.  Be Here.”    – Nysha Charlene 

10 BlindGirlsSee Truths

I have been in observation of myself and what is true about my feelings and experiences throughout this journey with Stargardt's disease. Over the past two years I have written down statements (as they genuinely come to mind) about my experiences living with Stargardt's. The goal is to help demystify low vision/blindness by sharing the "real". I hope this has value to you and I will slowly continue to write more "Truths".

#! I don't see your facial expressions even when it seems like I'm looking directly into your eyes. I've learned to look in the right place despite what I can't see.

It's hard for friends and family to understand how Stargardt's disease effects my vision. I totally understand that. If It's hard for me to explain what I see, it must be even harder for someone to imagine it. I hope my BlindGirlsSee Truths help people understand better and continue to spread awareness for low vision.💗

#2 Knowing you exhibit the symptoms of a disease that causes progressive vision loss and receiving genetic results confirming that you have the disease are two different states of mind. If you let it be.

It took nearly two years for my genetic results to come in (I donated blood for a study on stargardts and macular degeneration). By that time I was beginning to accept my vision and was getting really comfortable in my own skin. But reading the details of the results still made me cry. I felt disorganized from within if that makes sense. I almost felt filthy. But I woke up the next day and had to laugh at myself. I was being absolutely ridiculous. To be honest, Stargardts is the best experience of my life so far. I'm growing and learning so much about myself and I love it. The genetic results confirm that my disease is indeed recessive and therefore if my husband is not a carrier there is NO way our child will HAVE stargardts 😊 (but even if they did... My life is pretty awesome and so would theirs be) 😍