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Real Chat: Moments Before the White Cane

Yay vlog!!! I’m calling these next couple of videos “Real Chat” because I want to be a raw resource for those of you on a similar vision loss journey. Yep, I said “next couple”. That means there’s a Real Chat coming up about the moments after the white cane! It’s important for us to realize that we are not alone in this, even if we don’t know anyone personally who can relate.

In the video above, I discuss the feelings I had in the moments/days before my low vision appointments and the mindset that helped me to overcome that stress. If you ever experience a “not so chipper day”, it doesn’t mean you aren’t coping well. It means you are human. When it was suggested that I use a white cane to make traveling alone less stressful, I had mixed emotions. I may have rambled a bit in the video; I apologize. I hope this chat is relatable to someone and insightful to all. Stay tuned for the real chat I recorded as soon as I got back home! I’ll tell you now that it was a good experience.

Love you guys!

“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.” – Carlos Santana

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