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"See with your heart and soul.  Be Here.”    – Nysha Charlene 


I knowww. I haven’t posted on here in a whileeee! To stay up to speed with me follow my instgram account! I have been well and there is a lot to catch up on! I don’t know where I should start so I decided to start from this present moment!

In the English language, this is the word we use. Love. We often have to use other words along with “love” in order to specify exactly what we mean in the moment we say it. Perhaps this is why the eskimos have many words for “snow”. In a similar fashion, Sansskrit has many words for “love”. I needed a few moments to digest the fact that English has given us only one word to express all that is. I understand why there is confusion around our one word “love” since our language forces us to use it in every way with its 100 unspecified denotations. So has the English language limited our communication of love?

The Sanskrit language is one of the oldest languages with very few people still using it although it communicates spirituality and love extremely well. My yoga/meditation practice has brought me to a place where I am seeing love in a new light. The love that I have become acquainted with during this past year is the love that always is. I prefer to use the Sanskrit language now to learn more about love and to communicate this powerful and healing wonder. This love that I’ve discovered through observing my inner self is “Atma-Prema”.

The direct English translation is unconditional self-love. But again, there would be confusion here because it is not referring to the love of you the way you might initially think of it. You know this popularized expression of self-love: putting yourself before others or taking extra time to moisturize your skin and hair. Atma-Prema opens our eyes to the same self that exists in all of us. It’s the peace and love you find deep within you that is always there. It is the acknowledgement that this is the same love that lives in every being. When you quiet the chatter of the mind and notice, you establish a strong connection with the love that is in you. We see ourselves in others and see others in ourselves. We lose any boundaries placed on love and love is therefore unconditional. The light in me is the same as the light in you!

So when I love myself I love you as well. I am love. Love is who we are.


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