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5 Tunes I Love

Think of the way you feel when you find a song that you really like (like REALLY like)! If it's a true match, you might start searching for more songs that make you feel a similar way.

I thought it’d be awesome to share some of those songs that I really enjoy and some alternative choices that I feel are still similar! Let me know in the comments if you love any of them or if you have songs to share. I love finding new music and can’t wait to hear the songs you love!

!Bonus! Watch my yoga videos to listen to each song! They will be appearing on my instagram @YogaLoveNY and posted here afterwards!

Click that link to watch them now.

Here’s the current list:

“In Love With You” by Erykah Badu ft. Stephen Marley

– This song totally fills me up with out taking over. The vibe is totally satisfying. Yo ba du ba de ba du un dey be: I would say this is a verbal expression that means whatever your truth is. When I listen to this tune I cant helps but close my eyes and sway, soulfully. I feel all the love in me that is my essence and I sing it with words I could never begin to fully comprehend because of the truths they hold beyond my knowledge. Yuh overstand? “I’m so in love, baby!”

Like this? Try listening to “Unspoken Words” by The Soil! The title speaks for itself!

“In the Spirit” by Jah9

– The entire song is delicious but I really love the last 3 minutes for yoga classes. My favorite yoga tunes are mostly instrumental but have some vocals. In that way, the music is interesting without becoming a distraction from our purpose: to open our awareness and free up space. Also, it can begin to feel like a battle when trying to cue while the artist is singing LOL! (There are tracks that have vocals that will dance with your voice as you cue. These are different for each of us so take your time finding these gems!) In my personal practice, there are also times when I’m really seeking simplicity and need instrumental or nature sounds in order to reach Zen.

If you like this, try listening to “August 25, 2001” by Count Bass D.

It’s hip/hop, and it’s chill.

“Frequency” by Jhene Aiko

– Still gets my vibration high. This song is special because of the lyrics. Right after meditating, when ‘m feeling a strong connection to all that is, I like to begin moving with this tune. The feeling is a release of beautiful energy that is in infinite supply. I think this prayer-like song will always be on my playlist.

If you like this, try listening to “Not for Nothing” by Nico & Vinz. This is another tune that reaches us toward a more unified consciousness.

“Chill or Be Chilled” by The Polish Ambassador ft. Nitty Scott

– An upbeat downtempo, if that exists. Not only do I love the instrumental, but this song also has such positive words and a playful sing/rap flow. It blends so much of what I like, almost taking me on a 6-minute vacation.

If you like this, try listening to “Kickin’ Back” by Mila J. She’s all about chillin’!

"Tadow" by Masego ft. FKJ

– This is another “buffet” giving me all of what I need. Freestyle feel, catchy, and oh so swaggy! I love the jazz breaks and as always, appreciate the instrumentals!

If you like this, try listening to “Wait” by Sabrina Claudio. …The jazz!

Thanks for reading!!

Remember to check Instagram now @YogaLoveNY to watch as I share the yoga videos I’ve created with each song!

Don't forget to share your fav songs in the comments below, please.

Nysha Charlene

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